CB Culture

Jamm’ Bell’

Local dialect loosely translated as “Let’s Go Beautiful” (“Andiamo bello” in Italian). Unofficial slogan of club and source of pride for people in the region.


Official symbol of SS Campobasso (“Wolves”).


Official colors of SS Campobasso (red and blue).


City and province within Molise region of Italy. Campobasso is the capital of Molise.


Region of Italy where Campobasso is located. The region has a population of over 300,000, and includes two main provinces (Campobasso and Isernia).


Beach resort area of Campobasso on the Adriatic Coast.

Campitello Matese

Ski resort area located on the mountainside of Campobasso in the neighborhood of San Massimo.

Stadio Nuovo Romagnoli

25,000 seat home stadium where matches are hosted.


Neighborhood of Campobasso where stadium is located.

Michele Scorrano

Legendary hometown player for SS Campobasso who led the club during the glory years of the 1980’s. One of the main fan sections in the stadium today is dedicated in his honor.

Molisani Expats

More than 1 million expats from Molise reside across the world. The highest concentration of Molise expats reside in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, United States and Venezuela.

Local Cuisine

Popular local dishes include baccala arracanato (seasoned cod), cavatelli al ragu (pasta twists with meat sauce), pizza e minestra (corn pizza with vegetables), milk pan (typical Christmas dessert bread) and a variety of seasonal desserts.

Local Wines

Campobasso and the Molise region are rich with vineyards and wineries. Molise is famous for its Tintilia wine, which is a dark and rich traditional wine grown from local grapes.